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Our standard CNC routers are our #1 sellers. A favorite for the professional and the hobbyist.
Advanced CNC routers offer various options for the industry such as automatic tool changer and more...
Commercial grade 4 by 4 CNC Router. Great for wood, plastic and aluminum.
Our custom series CNC routers include stationary gantry's, multiple spindles, odd sizes and large CNC routers.
We provide various options as the industry demands flexibility.


CANCAM is a Canadian owned and operated CNC router manufacturer. Our chief aim is to provide clients with quality technology that allows you to create, invent, and produce your products with confidence at an affordable cost. Low cost CNC routers with top quality accessories!

We guarantee the best value for your money.

Desktop CNC Routers

Dust Collectors

3D Printers

Quality Parts & Framework

We provide professionally stress-relieved frames, made from quality steel, with top quality branded components.

Affordable Cam

Our pricing speaks for itself! We take pride in offering such great deals. After all, our chief aim is to provide our customers with top-quality, long lasting products at a great price.

Great Design & Customization

Each of our machines is unique and represents the highest caliber of engineering. We specialize in customization and offering a wide variety of options to suit your particular needs.

Quicker ROI

Another CanCam advantage is a quicker return on your investment through lower initial cost and more efficient operation.