Top 5 reasons a CNC Machine will increase your productivity

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Whether you are a sign maker, work with orthopedics, build drones or work in an auto shop. As well as many other fields of work. A CNC router may be just what you need to increase your productivity. Today we are going to talk about the 5 biggest upsides of purchasing a CNC router for your business. These 5 reasons will boost your productivity significantly. 

  1. The First reason seems like the most obvious one. Reduces your production time. Having a CNC router working in your shop allows for you to get a lot of work done quickly and on a single machine. This cuts your production time significantly. No longer do you have to be working on your materials by hand and go from one machine to another. You simply put in on the CNC table and let the router do the work, in almost half the time. 
  1. The second reason is that you are able to get more work done. Because you are getting your work done quicker, you can take on more work and as a result increase your total revenue. That could pay for the cost of the CNC machine on its own. That is an impressive return on investment. 
    1. The third reason a CNC router will increase your productivity is that it will increase the accuracy of your work. Many CNC machines will have up to 2mm variance at maximum speeds. You try going by hand and making cuts and you will likely not be able to stay within 2mm of perfection and still finish in a decent time. The Most trained machine operators would struggle for that. The modern day CNC machine is a marvel for its accuracy and it just can’t be matched. When your materials are coming out with near perfect accuracy every time, it saves you ever having to redo a project or a part because of a manual error. 


    1. The Fourth way a CNC machine will increase productivity. It allows for you to be more productive as unlike doing it by hand, the machine is doing the work. While the machine is cutting the part you need for your car restoration or that cabinet door or the screw for your drone, you can still be doing other work. Yes you need to monitor a cnc machine in many situations, but you can still be productive while the machine is working. 


  1. The fifth reason I will mention, although yes there are still more, is that you will never have to turn down a job because you don’t have a CNC machine. There are always going to be jobs you would have had to contract out before because you were incapable of doing all of it yourself due to your lack of a CNC machine. Now that you have a machine, and it is practically paying for itself in all the increased productivity, now you are also saving yourself the trouble of paying money to have someone else do these parts of the job for you. Instead, your money stays in your pocket and you are able to do it at your own shop, on your own time. If you need a part for your car restoration immediately, or maybe you need a part you just can’t find. You can now make one through CAM software and on your machine. You are now able to make your own parts. 

I cannot explain to you enough how advantageous it is to own a CNC machine in your shop. The possibilities are near endless and all it does is increase your productivity and in turn, your revenue. Isn’t that what it’s all about? 


By: Nigel Broersma 


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