Accessories for Your CNC Router

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When compared to a hand held router, a wood or plastic CNC router delivers high quality products consistently. The wood or plastic cutting tool, which is controlled by a computer, can function a lot better when coupled with a few accessories. So here are a few such add-ons you should consider for enhancing the performance of the CNC machine.

Software Enhancements
There are several adaptive control systems that can enhance the performance of the CNC router, allowing you to make optimum use of its potential. The control systems can monitor the cutting process in real time, which means manual monitoring of the process or fine tuning the process by machine operators won’t be necessary.

One of the popular software enhancements for CNC is the Mach3, which allows you to turn your home computer into a CNC machine controller, create code, control the spindle and import 2D and 3D images that can be reproduced by the machine. There are other software enhancements like the label printers, which when linked to the CNC machine, create a label for every new product or part is manufactured.

Tool Changers
Automatic tool changers are among the most popular add-ons for CNC machines. A tool changer removes the need for a machine operator to manually change the tools, and saves a considerable amount of time. It also improves the efficiency of the machine as the machine quickly switches from one process to another, like cutting to welding to carving without any wait period. There are different kinds of automatic tool changers in the market, and they come in a different price ranges. You can pick one that suits you best, or even go ahead and create your own tool changer, like most operators do.

Automatic Probes and Sensors
Probes and censors can be used with the wood CNC router to improve its accuracy, and bring it as close as possible to 100%. Add-ons in this category include attachable automatic probes that measure information automatically, cutting torches that are used for plasma CNC machines, and coolant dispensers that prevent the machine from overheating, by releasing a jet of cold air at the router.

Touch Plate
The touch plate is metal plate that is backed with a wire and allows you to set up the wood CNC router more accurately. Using this add-on is very simple. One end of the touch plate is plugged into the controller, while the other, the magnet is attached to the collet, and then the router bit has to be lowered onto the touch plate. There are different varieties and brands of touch plates you can consider for your CNC machine.